InnerDagu Dark Blue

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This is a special design inner to make your face look SLIMMER

UPGRADED version from previous design, longer with COVER-STITCH hem.


To be wear with any outer hijab.

Innerscarf Neck Covered with Chin-Cover (Anak tudung)

Material : High Quality COTTON Grade AAA

Hem : Cover-stitch Hem

Size : Standard front length 12.5-13 inches

Back length : 18 inches

Face opening : 20-21 inches (stretchable) 

Standard size fit all sizes


  • Made from PREMIUM cotton (SUPER COMFORTABLE)
  • Comes with chin-cover (suitable for solat wearing)
  • Soft awning (easier to perform SUJUD)
  • 360 degrees stretchable face opening (20 inches)
  • Cooling fabric
  • Will make face look slimmer
  • Will cover double-chin


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